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Party Themes Top Tips For An Awesome Superhero Party

Top Tips For An Awesome Superhero Party

So you’ve decided to have a Superhero party – great choice!

This is a theme you can have a lot of fun with and you should embrace your child being at the age where they truly believe they could have super powers!

If you’re stuck with where to start with planning your party read on for lots of Superhero party ideas and top tips to create a party to remember….

  1. One thing all Superheroes have in common is their love of dressing up! What would Spiderman be without his impressive costume? And without his cool mask wouldn’t Batman just be a dude in a cool car? Yes, the Superhero costume is all-important and once your guests put on a cape and mask they too will feel like they can take on the world.

But buying costumes can be a pricey affair and who has time to make 15 capes? The solution? Hire, use and return! Capes and masks are included in our Superhero party hire box so that everyone has a chance to find their inner superhero.

And by everyone, I mean the adults too! If you’re going to lead these mini superheroes on their mission then you need to look the part….

2. Set the scene. Create a colourful, comic-book world to wow your guests. Superheroes is a great theme for decorations and you can really go to town with the look.

Backdrops are all the rage and work well for capturing a group photo.

For an original photo opportunity you can also lie the backdrop on the floor and capture your guests flying through the air! Here is an example of a DIY backdrop which would do the trick!

It’s also great to include lots of vivid Superhero slogan signs. The more colourful the better!

3. Plan an activity for the children to take part in when they arrive. You will inevitably have at least one person arrive early and one arrive late so having something to occupy your eager Superheroes during that waiting time will keep things from getting chaotic.

Set up a table with Superhero party activities such as colouring sheets, puzzles or a sticker activity to keep their little hands busy.

Our Superhero party box contains colour-in Superhero finger puppets for this purpose (plus colouring pens in case you don’t have any to hand) but there are plenty of options for online printables such as our free Superhero mask download which you can cut out for your guests to decorate and then wear.

4. Keep your guests occupied with structured games to keep them entertained. All that excitement (and sugar) can lead to a lot of energy which may soon descend into chaos unless they have activities to channel their super powers.

Get prepared with games to suit your age group. Top tip – the instructions need to be easy to follow and you need to intersperse high-energy games with quieter games to avoid potential meltdowns.

Don’t have time to research and plan? Our Superhero party plans give a suggested running order and timings as well as how to set up and play each game. We even include everything you need to run the games including prizes. Sorted!

5. If you feel self-conscious running the games and worry that no-one’s going to listen to you, use some props!

The kids will be more engaged with a soft toy or puppet and talking to them via a character takes the spotlight off you.

The children will enjoy the role-play with a superhero character and it may even bring more reserved children out of their shell. An added bonus is that they’re all likely to want to touch and hold the character. This will give you an opportunity to encourage good behaviour at the party by rewarding great participation with a chance to hold the toy during one of the games. Win-win!

6. Create a Superhero Training Academy. Not only will this sound like the most exciting thing EVER when your age is not yet in double digits but it will also give structure to your games.

If each game is linked to learning a new skill at the Academy then all your guests are going to be Super-keen to take part.

Take inspiration from our Superhero birthday party which contains a Superhero Training Academy banner and a Skills card for each of your wannabe heroes plus stickers for them to add to their card after each game.

7. When planning your Superhero party games a great one to consider is an obstacle course. Not only will this get your guests active but there’s plenty of scope for imagination with the themed obstacles you can create.

Add extra excitement by challenging them to race against each other or rescuing characters from the wall at the end and encourage lots o shouts of support for each other.

Our birthday hire pack contains seven Superhero party games including a Hero Rescue obstacle course – a great option if you don’t have time to create all the games yourself.

8. Make sure your Superheroes are well fed with fun party food in keeping with your theme.

Turn your ham sandwiches into a snack fit for Batman with these cool Bat cookie cutters.

Love it or hate it, cheese cubes on twiglet sticks will make cool looking Thor’s hammers (and a delicious snack!).

And how about some POPcorn to keep the superhero slogans going!

9. To finish off the party on a high a Superhero Sweet Shop is bound to be a mega-hit! With themed sweet labels like these you can go to town on creating a Superhero candy station.

If you don’t have time to source all the sweets and decorations we have a Superhero sweet shop which can be added on to your hire package. This contains decorations and accessories plus jars, labels, sweets and Superhero party sweet bags for a stress free option.

At just £2 per child (when hiring the Superhero party package) the children get to keep the bags and party sweets and you get to become your child’s number one hero!

10. Finally, remember to take lots of photos to capture the day. You may think they’ll be happy to dress up forever but they’ll be on to the next phase before you know it.

Take the time to capture the fun and get photos of all the guests.

One way to get them to stop and pose in front of the camera is to use Superhero photo props. Set up an area with good lighting and a bit of space and encourage them to strike a Superhero pose!

Enjoy your day and for more information about our Superhero Party Hire Boxes please get in touch.

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