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Uncategorized Ideas for a waste-free children’s party

Ideas for a waste-free children’s party

With so much to organise for a children’s party, parents can often find that being eco-friendly ends up at the bottom of the list. Much as they’d love to combine sustainable solutions in their party prep it comes down to practicality and convenience which is why it’s important to spread the word about the options out there.

An easy win is to rent party items instead of buying. Who wants a loft full of decorations which will never be used again or the walk of shame to the bin after a party with a binbag overflowing with plates, straws and cups? As more and more people join the rental revolution it’s becoming clear that companies offering this eco-friendly option are here to stay.

Whether it’s clothes, bikes, kids’ toys or our own Packaway Parties people are really seeing the benefits of buying less and looking at other alternatives which are kinder to the planet, and often to their pockets too. Renting often allows your budget to go further giving access to costumes, props, games and even sweet shops which would be too expensive to buy (and too difficult to source).

Tableware solutions

One of the biggest culprits in waste when it comes to big events is tableware – with many items ending up in the bin as hosts rush to tidy up and move onto the next activity or out of the venue. Although our themed tableware can be recycled there is also another option out there for people wanting to take that extra step towards a guilt-free party.

The Party Kit Network is a non-profit organisation working to provide a practical alternative to single-use items with reusable tableware kits. The Network connects party organisers with people in their local area offering a tableware hire service, each of which is run independently.

By logging the items they hire out, the Party Kit Network members estimate they have avoided over 500k items of tableware ending up in landfill. The tableware kits come in a variety of sizes and colours and are normally lent for 1-3 days hire with some even offering a washing-up service. What’s not to love!

Author and blogger Erin Rhoads sums up the benefits: “Sharing, reusing, connecting what we already have with our neighbours makes the Party Kit Network a truly eco friendly alternative.”

With providers across the UK, and more joining all the time, it means that hopefully renting will become the new-normal for everyone’s party needs and that waste can be banished entirely from kids’ parties.

Eco-friendly party bags

Another well-noted villain of the party world – the party bag – has also now had an eco-makeover with many companies offering non-plastic or practical options which won’t be destined for the bin. Our range of themed party bags are now all completely eco-friendly with plastic replaced with recyclable card items and even bags and stickers which can be composted. With no compromise on the fun factor and items which are more imaginative than the usual plastic tat it’s a win-win for parents and children alike.

When presented with convenient, eco-friendly ideas the majority of parents are more than happy to get on board, especially when items can be delivered and collected from their door with minimal fuss. With more and more options out there it finally feels like sustainable parties are becoming more affordable and accessible for everyone – so why not join the rental revolution!

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