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10 Steps To The Ultimate Dinosaur Party

1. Accept this is going to be a lively party! When children are at the age of loving dinosaurs they also tend to love being active so clear some space and let them enjoy being wild.

2. Have fun with the decorations. Dinosaurs is a really fun theme for décor and there are lots of options out there but why buy a bunch of Dinosaur decorations you are only going to use once? Be kind to your wallet and the planet by hiring instead of buying. Our Dinosaur Party hire package includes lots of fun decorations which you can use to set the scene and then pack away for collection the day after your party. Genius!

3. Nurture their passion for dinosaurs with special little touches to make it a Dinosaur birthday party to remember. Did you know – an obsession with dinosaurs is not only fun but also educational? Research has shown a keen interest in our Jurassic relatives can help children become more observant, increase their attention span and help their processing skills. The focus of our Dino party is a baby dinosaur called Arthur because there’s nothing more exciting than receiving a visit from a baby dinosaur on your birthday!

4. Get involved! Remember that feeling of being frightened of something but loving that feeling at the same time? Dinosaurs offer children a safe experience of fear as they’re big and scary but they know they’re extinct so they’re not going to have to face them in the local park! What if a big dinosaur came to your birthday party and you were allowed to chase them around? You can make this a reality with our fun dinosaur party games. Dive into character by dressing up in our adult dino costume and playing our Fossil Forest game where the children get to chase the dinosaur and stick bones to him when they catch him!

5. Get the kids into the party spirit. Why should the adults have all the fun? Children love to dress up and by putting on a dinosaur costume they can roar, stomp and even dance like a dino. But providing 6, 12 or even 30 costumes isn’t practical or affordable which is why it makes sense to hire them! Our hire package contains a dinosaur costume for each child including colourful spiky, dino cape and matching gloves. They’ll all feel the part which means they’ll be more immersed in the party games. And the photos will look great too!

6. Make sure your party has structure so you don’t lose control. As already mentioned, at this age the children like to be active – and noisy – so it’s important to be prepared with dinosaur party games to keep everyone occupied and engaged. No-one is expecting you to create a whole series of activities (come on, your to-do list is already longer than a diplidocus’s neck) which is where our Party Plan comes in. As per the name, your whole party will be planned out with set up, timings, running order and full instructions. The hire box and Party Plan will reach you at least 2 days before your party so you can get organised well in advance. Whether you choose to let the other parents believe they were all your own genius ideas is up to you!

7. Give the children a sense of involvement and achievement. Make the children feel involved in the party so it’s an adventure rather than a series of games. Our Dinosaur themed party has a mission – to reunite baby Arthur with his mother – so the children have to work as a team to complete the task. They also have a visual reminder of this with our Dino Skills Cards. Each child will receive their own card to keep. On the card each game is listed as a skill they need to master to help baby Arthur and become Dino Explorers. After each game you will have stickers to hand out for them to stick on their card. Imagine their sense of achievement when they receive all their stickers and find Arthur’s mum!

8. Such dedication deserves a reward. Let’s be honest, kids like treats and rewards (come to think of it, adults do too!). We’ve all seen how a teacher can control a classroom with the promise of a sticker so games with prizes will have them fizzing with excitement. Your party hire box not only contains items to use and return but also some items to keep like prizes, sweets and a personalised certificate for each child so they have a special memento of their dino adventure.

9. Hands-on fun is going to keep them engaged. When everyone is busy hatching their own baby dinosaur from an egg full of goo you know it will be smiles all round! Our Jurassic Nest, included in the dinosaur birthday party hire box, will contain a dinosaur egg for each of your guests to open and keep.

10. There’s more to party games than Pass The Parcel. At this age you need a mixture of activities to keep the children engaged – active, calm, hands-on, teamwork – it’s a fine balance but luckily we have the tried and tested formula. You only get one chance to create the perfect party for your child’s birthday so why not use our experience and dinosaur party ideas to make it work. Using a combination of ideas from children and feedback from parents we think we’ve got it cracked and we’d love to share those ideas with you!

Rewind to the previous point and my mention of the perfect party. Another top tip is that there’s actually no such thing as the perfect party so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. What I mean by the ‘perfect party’ is the one where you may be exhausted, have a few pizza stains down your top, have roars ringing in your ears for days but your over-excited child looks at you at the end and tells you that was “the best party ever”.

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